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Save the date for 2022!  June 13-15th, 2022 at the Samoset Resort!

Delivery Optimization For Our New Reality

Delivery Optimization For Our New Reality

Mark Bloom, Angus Energy

After completing one of the industry’s largest delivery and dispatch studies over 2 heating seasons, we believe the results will change your entire thought process of what it means to deliver optimally.

Time and time again we hear fuel marketers talk about the expense of trucks and insurance coupled with the fact that it’s virtually impossible to find qualified drivers – and all of that was before we saw the upending of “predictable K-Factors” in the aftermath of the pandemic.  Our study analyzed fuel dealers and deliveries to see how we can solve those problems without increasing runouts. Our dealers always have many questions for us about these topics.

This presentation will show strategies that every fuel marketer should know if they are interested in delivering more gallons per day without adding more trucks or employees.

Join Mark Bloom for a review of the results of the study and a Q&A session.

During this presentation we will:

  • Review the delivery and dispatch data from over 2 million deliveries
  • Reveal the four key benchmarking numbers that will help drive your delivery department strategy
  • Share tips that will help you develop your own optimization strategy that really works
  • All of this based on the questions you send us

You have the data. You are already doing this. Now optimize it!

Understanding Northern New England Attitudes About Energy and Electrification

Understanding Northern New England Attitudes About Energy and Electrification

Rich Carrione, Warm Thoughts Communications

The energy landscape is changing rapidly, and that is as true in northern New England as anywhere else in the country. The push to electrify everything, recent price spikes brought on by global crises and the introduction of specific legislation all promise to transform your businesses.

 In this session, Rich Carrione of Warm Thoughts Communications will give you the insights necessary to understand this new reality, identify its opportunities and find success. Rich will dig into the findings of the NEFI consumer research study – which was supported by MEMA, EMANH and VFDA – to share critical insights from the most comprehensive consumer research project in the industry’s history. Attendees will gain insights into how consumers think and act about energy issues, including:

  • Favorability ratings of home energy sources
  • Support and opposition of electrification
  • Testing of the most powerful anti-electrification messaging
  • Support and opposition for mandates, subsidies and other inducements to go electric
  • Comparison data to neighboring states

To survive and ultimately to thrive, our industry will need to convince consumers, legislators and industry stakeholders that we deserve to play a role in the country’s energy future. NEFI’s landmark research provides the basis to accomplish that.

 We hope you’ll join us for this can’t-miss session.

Policy Challenges within the Liquid Fuels and C-Store Industries

Jon Shaer, NECESAMA, Megan Diver, MEMA, Rob Underwood, EMA, Sean Cota, NEFI

This plenary session will provide legislative/policy updates from MEMA Vice President Megan Diver,  Rob Underwood, Energy Marketers of America – Sean Cotta, National Energy & Fuels Institute – Jonathan Shaer, New England Convenience Store & Energy Marketers Association.  The panel will focus on state and federal legislation and the obstacles our industries are facing in Maine, New Hampshire, and Washington D.C.  – such as rising gas and heating fuel prices, to tobacco flavor bans, inflation, minimum wage increases, electrification, and the long-term effects of government overreach in every aspect of our personal, business, and work lives.  This will be followed by an opportunity for questions and discussion.

MODA Workers Compensation Trust - A Benefit Well Worth Exploring

MODA Workers Compensation Trust - A Benefit Well Worth Exploring

Joe Edwards, Attorney/Fund Administrator of the Maine Oil Dealers Workers' Compensation Trust

MEMA sponsors one of the most successful workers’ compensation self-insurance programs in Maine and as a MEMA member, you’re eligible to join.  Joe Edwards administers the program and will be on hand to outline the program’s operation and benefits including low premiums, low injury rates, low reinsurance costs, and high refunds.  The MODA Trust has helped dozens of your peers keep their workers safe and lower their insurance costs.  The workers’ compensation Trust is a MEMA membership benefit worth exploring.