Family business mentality. Big business capability.

Established in 1994, Advanced Fuel Solutions has forged strategic relationships with business partners at every level of the liquid fuels supply chain, including bulk fuel terminals, wholesalers, diesel and heating oil distributors, fuel quality service companies, trucking fleets, nationally recognized additive manufacturers, and leading analytical testing laboratories.

New England’s leading fuel quality consultants, AFS specializes in formulating proprietary fuel additive packages designed to improve the performance of diesel, gasoline, biodiesel and home heating oil. Based on its proven Optimum Discovery Process™, AFS provides proven fuel additives, and when necessary, develops customized formulations designed to meet its client’s specific needs. Premium fuel delivery strategies, with or without storage, require flexible additive technologies to deliver on the promise of a better, safer and cleaner heating fuel. Leveraging our labs and manufacturing partners, in preparation of the industry’s transition to ULSHO, each of our highly regarded heating oil additives were upgraded to a stabilizer package designed for the ongoing care of the latest fuel slate which includes USLHO and biodiesel blends (Bioheat® fuel). With an eye on future shifts in the distillate pool, we remain committed to adjusting chemistries that will meet future performance challenges both in the home as well as on and off the road.

There’s a reason that our very first customer is still with us today. At AFS, we treat our customers as carefully as we treat their fuel.